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Interactive Speech Solutions for Direct Marketers

de Rham & Company, Inc. announces the introduction of Automated Interactive Speech Response solutions tailored to the needs of Direct Marketers

Today's Date -- 08/18/2004

Interactive Speech Response technology is the next generation of automated call handling. The caller speaks normally and the applications interpret the requests and respond accordingly. Speech Solutions can handle complicated transactions such as order entry and address capture providing a customer friendly experience at dramatically lower cost than live operators. With Interactive Speech you have complete control of the message, and the image you present while opening a new self-service channel for your customers. Essentially any service you can provide over the web can also be provided using  interactive speech response. Solutions are hosted by Verascape, Inc. a solutions provider with one of the best speech platforms in the industry. Verascape is continuously developing customer-friendly voice applications for the Direct Marketing Industry. CEO Scot Thomas says "Ultimately It is the quality of user experience, not the raw technology that makes the real difference in the eyes of the end user. Verascape has direct marketing roots and we understand this. Others just don't get it." Verascape provides hosting for their own pre-packaged applications and creates custom voice applications. Both can be tightly integrated with client systems.

Interactive Speech Response is the superior US-based alternative to outsourcing to offshore call centers. Companies using speech response have lower costs and none of the cultural and political problems when calls are handled overseas. With Interactive Speech Response (sometimes called Interactive Voice Response) the direct marketer controls every aspect of the caller's experience from the tone and content of the voice responses to the actions directed by the script. Speech solutions never have a "bad day" and always work to provide the best possible service in the shortest amount of time. Brand image is protected and enhanced through creative scripting.

Until recently this technology has been very expensive to implement and far beyond the resources of most direct marketers. Changes in platforms and advanced technology now lets us deliver packaged solutions to direct marketers in a hosted environment at rates well below virtually any call handled by live operators. Get more done with less people: Voice solutions can be used to handle repetitive calls such as catalog requests, address changes, customer look-up, order status, or order confirmation thereby reducing workload on your existing call center. Improve Service: Direct Marketers can also direct overflow during peak periods to speech services as a way to significantly reduce time in queue or abandoned calls. With Automated Speech Response companies have an almost unlimited low-cost capacity for handling calls. This reduces the need to hire and train live operators on a seasonal basis.

de Rham & Company, Inc. is Marketing Agent for Verascape, Inc. and specializes in the needs of the direct marketing Industry. Abbott de Rham, President has over 27 years working with direct marketers. The result of the Verascape / de Rham & Company partnership is complete turn-key speech solutions handling everything including, applications, infrastructure, communications and voice talent tailored to the exact needs of direct marketers. As de Rham says "It is not often you get to choose to improve service and lower cost at the same time. That is the promise of Interactive Speech Solutions."  


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