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de Rham & Company, Inc. announces catalog industry self-service voice applications by Verascape, Inc.

Today's Date -- 09/01/2004

Verascape Inc. has expanded their line of hosted interactive speech applications with VeraServtm Vertical solutions targeted to the catalog industry and other companies having direct contact with end consumers. Applications are developed in partnership with TuVox, recognized as a leader in quality speech applications. As a hosted service Verascape handles all aspects of speech solutions including platforms, applications, telephony, and integration with a direct marketer's existing systems.

VeraServ Verticaltm is a suite of applications optimized for service transactions commonly found in catalog call centers.

bulletOrder Status
bulletOrder Header Capture
bulletCatalog Request
bulletPost Order Up Sell
bulletProduct Information
bulletPersonal Information Changes
bulletShipping Notification
bulletCall Center Call Routing
bulletStore Locator
bulletPast Due Payment Notification and Collection

Hosted services are priced on a pay-as-you-go transaction basis. Companies find they can save 50% to 70% over the same transaction handled by in-house call agents. In most cases mid-size catalog companies transitioning to one or more of these services can see substantial savings in only a few months and save the hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than a year.

de Rham & Company, Inc. is marketing Agent for Verascape, Inc. and has over 27 years experience in the catalog industry. The combination of years of detailed industry knowledge with the highest quality speech applications hosted in  a massively-scalable mission-critical environment means catalog companies are assured of the best possible speech solutions for direct marketers. We strive to make sure catalog customers will will always have a positive experience with VeraServtm Vertical interactive speech applications.  

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