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Abbott de Rham from de Rham & Company, Inc. will present a schoolhouse session on the marketing opportunities of automated speech solutions in the catalog industry at the 2005 annual New England Mail Order Association (NEMOA) Spring Conference 

Today's Date 03/01/2005

Attendees to the annual NEMOA Spring Conference March 23 25 will learn why automated speech solutions are the next revolution in catalog marketing. Mr. de Rham will present a "Schoolhouse" session on March 24th showing how automated speech response (ASR) can dramatically lower operational costs while opening new opportunities for marketing contacts. The incredible decline in long distance telephone rates and amazing growth in speech system capabilities makes it possible to automate 30% - 70% of customer service calls at 45% - 80% cost savings.

Automation allows calls formerly handled by live operators to be satisfactory completed using speech applications. A significantly lower cost per call and automation creates many new opportunities to include marketing offers converting these calls from an expense to profit. There are outbound marketing opportunities as well. It is now cheaper to place an automated call than to send a postcard. Connection to customers is more reliable than with e-mail due to the ongoing problems with aggressive Spam filters. Customer FTC 30 day notifications handled with speech systems not only are less costly they can also include an offer for up-sell or substitution thereby reducing the chance of cancellation.

All catalog marketers are encouraged to attend the NEMOA conference and learn about the benefits of Automated Speech Response.

March 24
1:45 PM 2:45 PM
Royal Sonesta Hotel
Cambridge, MA

The theme of this year's conference is Buzz and Bloom, Growing Catalog Sales

NEMOA session description:

"Abbott de Rham, President, de Rham & Company, Inc.

As a business and systems analyst, Abbott looks for solutions that improve customer response and loyalty while managing marketing and operational costs. He is a catalog veteran with 27 years in the industry, counting both catalogs and service bureaus as clients. Abbott is a marketer at heart, has lived the challenges of operations, and is a creative problem solver.

 With a limited number of experienced worker bees and a short season, how can you make sure to produce enough honey? Marketers want to increase service and encourage customer communication, but operations is under enormous pressure to reduce cost. The emerging technology of automated voice services makes it possible to satisfy everyone and that is a honey of a deal. Automated voice services are going to open whole new marketing marketing opportunities that are limited only by your creativity. Find out what the buzz is all about and come to this session to hear how early adopters are using this technology in their hive."

de Rham & Company, Inc. is marketing Agent for Verascape, Inc. and has over 27 years experience in the catalog industry. The combination of years of detailed industry knowledge with the highest quality speech applications hosted in  a massively-scalable mission-critical environment means catalog companies are assured of the best possible speech solutions for direct marketers. We strive to make sure catalog customers will will always have a positive experience with VeraServtm Vertical interactive speech applications.  

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