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Interactive Speech Response Solutions accept natural-language speech from the caller, convert the speech to data, interface with applications, and respond back to the caller with speech. Using our applications and hosting service you can quickly add voice access to your existing proprietary systems or web applications to provide a low-cost self-service access channel for your customers 

Speech is an especially exciting new channel for providing customer service. In the beginning there was mail, then phone, recently web, and now automated speech-enabled applications that will complete entire self-service transactions using only voice.

The operational challenge:
bulletDrive down operational costs in every area while maintaining high levels of customer service
bulletOffer choice of customer contact channel while encouraging use of lower cost channels
bulletPreserve company image and market niche while working diligently to improve efficiency


The cost of live-operator customer service is constantly rising. Your call center is probably feeling constant pressure to maintain service and lower costs. Now you can take advantage of a technology that until recently only the biggest companies could afford — Interactive Speech Response (ISR). Your customers communicate using natural language. Your systems receive and directly respond with information.

Of all the automated call systems, ISR consistently has the highest caller acceptance. It is fast, friendly, intuitive and can handle complex transactions without the tedious and rigid structure of a touch-tone interface. ISR is simply the best and most flexible way to navigate an automated process.

What you need is the ability to provide high levels of personal service at significantly lower cost. Automated ISR services can meet this need. Some see the web as the answer, but think about it — at any particular moment there are more people closer to a phone than to an internet web connection — ISR means more opportunity for immediate action.

Service Benefits  

Of course self-service is only successful if it is convenient and your customer has a good experience. Voice communication is often the most personal and preferred customer contact channel. Live operators are the most expensive for you to support. With ISR you can open a new low-cost high-service channel for your customers. 

In most cases automated Interactive Speech Response solutions are superior to outsource call centers. You control the message and the image through script and prompts. Every caller gets the same high level of service. You avoid potential problems with overseas call centers concerning language and cultural barriers. ISR solutions integrate with directly with your systems. You can take advantage of existing web development efforts and quickly put automated speech solutions to work in your operation.

ISR is the perfect partner for companies with seasonal fluctuations. When ISR is used to meet peak call volume you spend spend less time  hiring and training temporary call center staff to meet seasonal peaks. With hosted ISR applications you have virtually unlimited call capacity to handle heavy seasonal call volumes and daily peaks. You have ultimate control over call flow to fine tune ISR services. You can greet your callers with natural language dialog and forward  to live operators or ISR applications. You can answer with live operators and transfer calls to ISR applications. You can use your existing ACD system, prompts, and business rules to forward calls to ISR applications depending on type of call, current call volume, and other factors.

With complete control over scripts and "voice personality" you ensure the best practices of your top agents are built into the system. This reduces the chance of a bad customer experience due to lightly trained seasonal staff. 

bulletImmediate response, no wait time in queue
bulletHandle peak periods without extra staffing
bulletAllow self-service by phone
bulletGather customer self-validated data
bulletShorten call duration and lower telecom costs
bulletIntegrate with existing ACD and fulfillment systems to provide seamless call handling
bulletEvery Call provides polite and professional service — handled at the customer’s own pace
bulletEliminate manual transcription and/or call-backs while reducing errors
bulletLive agents are always one word away — never lose customers in the touchtone maze again

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