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Hosted Solutions:
bulletInquiry Capture: Full name and address using a nationwide address database with name spelling confirmation. Smooth and efficient call handling with source code and phone number capture.
bulletAddress Correction: Self service account maintenance with multiple client record look-up paths. Interactive edits with address validation.
bulletStore locater service finds the closest store based on phone number, zip code, or city/state.
bulletInteractive order status integrated with your fulfillment system. For real-time or near-real-time transactions.
bulletFull self-service order entry customized for your needs.
bulletPost Order Upsell: Automated order summary with targeted up sell.
bulletProduct Information: Colors, sizes and inventory status.
bulletEnhance existing web services with ISR to provide another convenient low-cost channel
bulletConduct surveys, both inbound and outbound to measure company performance.
bulletOutgoing shipment confirmations with order-specific information.
bulletCustom voice applications to handle any of your call center needs.


Recent technological advances allow for the most versatile and robust interactive voice applications ever developed. At the same time the adoption of open systems and the internet has made these services affordable to smaller companies. ISR solutions hosted by Verascape, Inc. are often less costly and faster to implement than comparable web services. Verascape can also add ISR solutions to your existing web infrastructure creating a whole new channel to low-cost self-service customer care.

By hosting your speech solutions  with Verascape you can expect us to stay abreast of emerging technology. Your internal Information Technology and Operations staff stay focused on your primary business while we are constantly working to bring you the latest in speech technology at affordable prices. It is common for our speech solutions to be up and running with significant bottom-line savings in less than 90 days.

When you consider adding a speech-enabled channel for customer contact you want to make sure your customers have the best possible experience. You also want a solution that can be implemented quickly and significantly reduces your operating costs.  de Rham & Company, Inc. and Verascape staff have a long history with direct marketing. You will not need to "teach" us about the special needs of a direct response company. We understand how important the smallest details are to a successful offer and all our products are designed to meet those unique needs.

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Verascape has created pre-packaged hosted applications tailored to the direct response industry. These packages can be customized to meet the exact needs of each and every client. You decide exactly how you want to present your image to the customer. ISR is a significant improvement over legacy systems like touchtone and voice mail. ISR automatically validates mailable addresses, converts voice response to database attributes and can handle complicated transactions that touchtone can not. If needed Verascape applications always provide immediate access to your live operators with an option to forward data collected during the call. Smooth hand-offs between your location and Verascape's network and services provide a seamless customer experience.

Verascape and de Rham & Company handle all the telecommunications infrastructure and systems integration with minimal effort from your staff. This allows you to adopt speech enabled solutions without diverting attention away from your other important Information Technology or operational projects.


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