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Get the most out of every promotional dollar. Establish an optimum contact strategy for best incremental sales. Optimize prospecting to bring in the type of new buyers you want to attract at an acceptable acquisition cost. Maximize merge purge capabilities and post merge segmentation for better mailing results. Take advantage of multi-channel opportunities to maximize your relationship with your customers and boost response. 

Sounds great doesn't it? Circulation planning is a combination of art and science. Every circulation manager and company has unique aspects of their business. There is no universal cookie-cutter circulation planning method that works for everyone. Instead there is a toolbox of  methods and approaches that must be adapted to a direct marketer's specific needs. Our job is to introduce you to 'tools' you may not be aware of, optimize 'tools' you already have and retire 'tools' that are not working for you. The arrival of internet marketing is changing many of the tried and true direct mail rules-of-thumb and we find many companies are still struggling with establishing best practices in a multi-channel environment. We can help make sure you are taking advantage of every opportunity to mine your data and prepare circulation plans for best results.

An equally important part of any plan is projecting expected results. It does little good to improve response but then spend more money in operations to fulfill unexpected orders. We help clients prepare detailed order projections by week to help operations prepare for peaks and for inventory control to secure sufficient merchandise. We have in depth experience with projecting order flows and inventory forecasting. Every dollar saved through efficient operations and inventory control goes directly to the bottom line.

As part of circulation planning we use the concept of factor analysis to help codify how changes to offers and in the general marketplace will impact offer performance. We use the factor analysis to bring stakeholders throughout the company together and establish, as a team, the projected impacts each factor will have on upcoming offers.  The factor analysis helps eliminate surprises and improve the quality of circulation planning and projections.

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