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What we do

What does a Business Analyst do? At the request of a client we evaluate a specific issue at both strategic and tactical levels in order to describe current conditions and make recommendations to help companies reach their objectives. Most often these projects cover multiple departments where an outside unbiased resource is best suited to dig in, uncover issues, and try to sort out details. Our projects range from companywide strategic planning to improving specific methods within a single department. The Business Analyst is often referred to as a companywide trouble shooter.

We often find companies know  there is a problem area but they do not know how to get past inertia, politics, cross-department competition, lack of strategic vision, resistance to new ideas and multiple other factors to find the true source and cause. We have years of experience sorting out important from unimportant and help direct marketers focus on actions and changes that will produce the desired results. We also think we are pretty clever at finding creative solutions to difficult problems. During a review we involve management and front line staff. We make it safe to discuss all aspects of issues and to reach agreement within the team on the scope and definition of current problems as well as changes needed. Successful projects help companies achieve Execution With Excellence.

Execution With Excellence

We believe that every part of a direct marketing company will work better and contribute to higher profitability if there is dedication to Execution With Excellence. In our minds this applies equally to easily measured areas like fulfillment, as well as less well defined areas such as creative and merchandising. Companies embracing Execution With Excellence will see improvements in profitability, growth, and the ability to deal effectively with market changes. If you are looking for a consultant to put big splashy color presentations on the board representing the pre-conceived views of clients that is not us. We are always looking at finding the best possible result for the company as a whole.

Left Brain / Right Brain

A successful Business Analyst must be able to work both halves equally well. There is creative thinking needed to work out potential solutions. There is also analytical thinking required to evaluate existing issues and the impact of proposed solutions. We believe our ability to work comfortably on all levels makes us unique. Abbott de Rham is the primary consultant. He has owned a catalog, managed operations, directed creative, been a merchant, written copy, planned circulation, developed marketing campaigns, analyzed merchandise performance, designed extensive internal systems at service bureaus, selected and implemented large scale software packages, and more. In short he knows the direct marketing business. It means you don't spend a lot of time teaching us the basics of what a direct marketing company does.

Key Benefits

bulletIndependent third party is not vested in any particular view.
bulletExperience across many companies brings new ideas to the table.
bulletWe are comfortable working at the conceptual level and in the trenches with the operational issues.
bulletWe know the direct marketing business.
bulletWe concentrate on the quality of our analysis not the splash of our presentation.



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