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 We think this is one of the better descriptions explaining what a Senior Systems Analyst does:

As a top technical expert, develops broad unprecedented computer Systems and/or conducts critical studies central to the success of large organizations having extensive technical or highly diversified computer requirements. Considers such requirements as broad organization policy, and the diverse user needs of several organizational levels and locations. Works under general administrative direction.

Typical duties and responsibilities include one or more of the following:

1. As team or project leader, guides the development of broad unprecedented computer systems. The information requirements are complex and voluminous. Devises completely new ways to locate and develop data sources; establishes new factors and criteria for making subject-matter decisions. Coordinates fact finding, analysis, and design of the system and applies the most recent developments in data processing technology and computer equipment. Guidelines consist of state-of-the-art technology and general organizational policy.

2. As staff specialist or consultant, is a recognized leader and authority in a large organization (as defined above) . Performs at least two of the following: a) has overall responsibility for evaluating the significance of technological advancement and developing EDP standards where new and improved approaches are needed, e.g., programming techniques; b) conceives and plans exploratory investigations critical to the overall organization where useful precedents do not exist and new concepts are required, e.g., develops recommendations regarding a comprehensive management information system; or c) evaluates existing EDP organizational policy for effectiveness, devising and formulating changes in the organization's position on broad policy issues. May be assisted on individual projects by other analysts.

In short we know how to get the most out of your systems and the best way to fill in the gaps. We can help you evaluate, buy, and implement new systems that will be the best fit for your needs. We can figure out how to integrate systems so they work with each other instead of operating as separate islands. We help you get the most out your marketing database and campaign manager by making sure the right information is stored and the the tools access the data are effective.


bulletMarketing Database selection, data design, implementation.
bulletSystems integration.
bulletSystems design
bulletStreamlining and optimizing use of existing systems.
bulletOne of the largest integrated modeling systems in the US.
bulletClient reporting system for service bureau work.
bulletEvaluation of enterprise report generation and delivery.


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