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Circulation Planning

Working with de Rham & Co. has truly been a worth while and very enlightening experience. From the very beginning, he brought a totally different point of view to the table on just about every front. First of all, he was able to take gigabytes of data spanning hundreds of contacts, across several years and  turn it into meaningful and "actionable" data points and  information. He told me his opinion, he actually made  recommendations (unlike many consultants) and he stood by them. I remember one of the most basic applications he introduced me  to was the "Factor analysis"...This little trick forced me and my whole organization to look at the macro picture...not just  our world, our data, our gut instinct...but all of the external factors that would surely have made the outcome different had  we not "planned" for them.

His analytics approach allowed me to absolutely maximize my ROI, accurately predict what each segment would produce and even worked with the merchants and design team to offer presentation and layout response improvement suggestions when asked.

I would highly recommend de Rham and company for all of your database, modeling, scoring, and direct marketing analytics needs.

Edward Woods
V.P. Direct Marketing
Bass Pro Shops

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Business Analyst / Systems Analyst / Project Manager

"I would describe my working experience with Abbott as 

'There are two kinds of consultants: tap dancers and superstars. Tap dancers go through the motions and superstars get the work done. Abbott is a Superstar.'

This is to say his work has always been soundly executed and the finished product is what we needed."

Steve Thomas
Direct Marketing Technology, Experian, Vail Systems




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